Spiked Chai Tea Latte Recipe

There’s nothing like sitting around a blazing fireplace on a cold day and drinking a nice hot beverage. I always love having a classic spiced cider, but recently I’ve tried experimenting with new concoctions. I’m always a big fan of making large portion drinks in a slow cooker when family comes to visit during the cold months. This recipe is very cost effective, easy to make, and can be made easily in large or small portions.

I’ve always had a love for chai tea, whether it is just the tea bags or a nice hot chai tea latte. This got me thinking that it would make a great hot alcoholic beverage for winter time. After a little experimenting and adjusting I’ve landed on a drink that is a good balance of taste and booziness while being easy to make.

What you’ll need for the recipe is a bottle of vanilla vodka, spiced rum, chai tea bags, cinnamon sticks, and a can of sweetened condensed milk. The only thing you’ll use up completely for a batch is the sweetened condense milk, so you might want to grab an extra can or two for making it again. As for making the drink, all you will need is a medium to large size slow cooker and spoon to mix everything with.




4oz Vanilla Vodka (Smirnoff is always easy to find and works well)

4oz Spiced Rum (Bacardi is a good choice)

10 chai tea bags

4 cups of water

8oz sweetened condensed milk

3-4 cinnamon sticks


How to make:

First you will fill the slow cooker up with the 4 cups of water and put the temperature on high. Wait until it heats up a bit (or add preheated water) then add the tea bags. You will want to leave the heat on high and cover for about 20-30 minutes to let the tea fully brew. After this, remove the tea bags and add the cinnamon sticks, vanilla vodka, and spiced rum. At this point go ahead and taste the tea to make sure it has the right amount of liquor in it for your taste. Next you will want to let it sit for about 2 hours, but you can take it off as early as 1 hour if you don’t mind having less cinnamon flavor. Go ahead and this point and pour the sweetened condensed milk and it is ready. Ladle some into your favorite mugs, garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy! (Note: This drink does seem to lose heat quickly so I recommend taking small amounts at a time)

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