Mojito Recipe: Simple and Delicious

There is nothing better on a hot day then settling down with your good friends and a picture of crisp and refreshing mojitos. Luckily for you I have the perfect mojito recipe, with simple mojito ingredients that will have you making this drink time and time again. There are a few kitchen utensils that you will want to have on hand before you learn how to make a mojito, and investing in them will turn this tasty cocktail into your signature drink. Purchase a muddler for the mint, some nice tall bar glasses, and enough long spoons for each of the mojito cocktails. What I have below is enough for one drink, but you can easily proportion this recipe to make a whole pitcher!

3568777749_24622535e3_b            Photo credit: marfis75 via / CC BY-SA



10 fresh mint leaves

½ a lime, cut to four wedges

2 tbsp. of sugar

1 cup of crushed ice

1 ½ oz of white rum (I suggest Bacardi Carta Blanca!)

½ cup of club soda

Before we jump into directions I want to add that you can substitute club soda for tonic water, but it will create a more bitter taste. Also in this recipe for the ideal mojito drink I strongly suggest using fresh lime.

Here is how you create these delicious drinks:

  1. Start by putting the mint leaves and only one lime wedge into a short and sturdy glass. Using your muddler crush down the mint and the lime, that way the oil of the herb is released and you get optimal amounts of lime juice.
  2. Now add 2 more of your 4 limes (that leaves one left!) and the sugar. Get muddling! You want to release as much of new limes juice.
  3. Pour in the ice to fill the glass, splash in the rum and strain this mixture into a tall glass that is filled with the remaining crushed ice, fill the glass with bubbly soda water until it’s filled.
  4. Your preference comes into play at these last two steps, stir and taste the mixture, add more sugar if you like a sweeter taste, and if satisfied garnish the rim with the last lime wedge.

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