Quick, Easy, and Delicious: The Moscow Mule

Tis’ the season of holiday parties, fall celebrations, and tastefully decorated tables in autumn leaves and warm colors. If you are looking to wow your peers with an easy drink option, you might be looking for a Moscow mule recipe. What is best about these crisp and tasty beverages is that they are typically served in copper mugs, which go great with your autumn décor. Aside from that, the copper Moscow mule mugs offer a variety of benefits for the drink. Without delving into science, the mugs make the lime taste crisper and the cup colder without as much ice needed. There are lots of Moscow mule mugs styles and varieties for you to choose from and in an assortment of sizes. Make sure you pick up these mugs and these few ingredients to get the party started and learn how to make a Moscow mule.

Copper Mugs.jpg


2 oz of Vodka (I use New Amsterdam or Monopolowa)

½ oz of Tito’s lime juice

5 oz Ginger beer

Mint and lime for garnish



In your copper mug add some ice, pour in your vodka and lime juice, mix it around. Then pour in the ginger beer (you can get some great brands at World Market). Garnish with mint and a slice of lime. That easy! Remember that you are using a copper mug so lots of ice is not only unnecessary, it will keep the drink from being watered down.

Some recipes prefer fresh squeezed lime over the Tito’s lime juice that you can purchase at the store. I prefer Tito’s as it creates a slightly sweeter flavor and allows you to better control how much lime flavor you get. Creating a consistent flavor, especially if you are making a large batch of these beverages, can be best achieved with a pre-squeezed lime. Also if you prefer to mask the vodka flavor more, simply add more ginger beer and enjoy this delicious beverage!

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